Calvary, what frequency are you tuned into?

 Daily, as we wake up, messages are being sent our way through television, radio, computer, cell phones, and email, even our Fitbit devices are saying things like: "....five more minutes until we have to wake up from this warm bed.........Got to get to work and meet that deadline .........did we cook dinner for kids ..........Did we speak to our neighbors .................Did we tell our spouses we love them today.......... Did we make time for us… Don't forget to pray......." Some of us wake up with all these things on our minds.

As creations of the Creator, we are connected to God’s heartbeat. When we are unable to hear anything at all, it means that we have disconnected ourselves from God’s plan and will for our lives. In all honesty, it just means that we are not tuned into what God is saying to us. I have learned that God is always talking. The issue is, are we aligned to hear what God is saying to us? Many years ago, it felt as though God was just sitting on the throne being entertained with my life as if I was the kingdom's jester. It seemed like all of my prayers were hitting the ceiling and just taunting me that my faith may have been misplaced. During this time, I recalled scriptures that my mother basically forced us to recite during our daily family 6pm prayer times - "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalms 46:10); "The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still." (Exodus 14:14) So I took some time to reflect on these passages. During that time, I was amazed how many frequencies I had to ward off in order to be accurately tuned into the right one. It's almost like when you're taking that road trip and you're in between stations. They both seem like they can give you the message you need, but when our persistence is determined to go with the familiar, we miss out. I was also reminded that "the steps of the righteous are ordered by God"(Psalms 37:23).

A few things to keep in mind as we venture to clear the clutter of the frequency wires - the enemy within can jumble up the signals. We can be amazed by what we hear when we are actually listening."

Indicators that you (we) are not Tuned in to God Frequency:

1- Comparing our lives with Others

This is an age-old problem that first occurred in the heavenlies. God chose Jesus to be the ransom for us to have free choice, yet Satan felt as though he could do a better job. Then we have the brothers, Cain and Abel. Cain couldn't understand why Abel was better received by God and allowed jealously to rear its ugly head. There are many other examples, but comparing our lives with others further pulls one from the intended focus.

2 - Blaming others for your Delay

I mean, really?!? I can say this because this was me! I learned clearly that there were some deep-rooted truth to it (in regard to life), but those also worked to shape who we are today! We can continue to wallow in self-pity as the world continues without us moving forward, or we can choose to discover the whys and hows (in order to make us a better person). A prime example of this is the man by the pool of Bethesda who laid there lame for 38 years (John 5). Looking at him, he had a legitimate excuse - he was lame and needed help. However, the heart matter became apparent when he was asked do you want to be healed. Instead of digging deep and realizing that 'mercy' (Bethesda means house of mercy) was being extended to him, he blames it on the circumstances.

That can be us sometimes. This man chose to sit in the same spot for 38 years never seeing his role in his condition of remaining the same. Things happen in God's timing, not the perceived control you willingly give to others. When faced with choice of blaming others, we have to make conscious choice to no longer identify with the "38yr-syndrome", but with understanding our "VIS" (Very Important Status) in the kingdom of God . We can choose to be well....We can decide to jump in EVERY time the pool stirs because we know that's the only way we are going to hear and listen to the voice of God.

3 -Nonrepentive Heart (Stubbornness)

Proverbs 14:12; 16:25 seems to clearly describe a person who hears but chooses their own way. Being a part of this microwave society, it appears that we take the scripture "faith without works is dead" to a whole new level. Yes, we are to act on what we believe, but I don't think it means to do the whole thing then place a God sticker on it. We must remember that we are to be examples to all. We have to have a heart of the learnth; the eyes of our hearts must be opened and enlightened unto all truth, so that we will be able to repent when needed. God's word clearly says that we are all as filthy rags to him and only those with a clean hands and pure heart may ascend unto Him. How do we purpose to do such? By taking the most awesome gift ever given - the blood of Jesus for our sake!!!! Sorry to tell you.......if you see yourself as a forward thinking or intelligent person, you, too, are stubborn and may have to work on actively repenting. There is nothing wrong with being a thinker, but sometimes that may get us in trouble of being so hung up on the fact that we are right. However, the little subtle differences from God's word and will is what makes us wrong. The sooner we go out of our way to admit we have strayed (even if it seems like it makes life easier for now), the sooner it would be easier to decipher which frequency channel we're on.

Being able to seek God and listen to the ultimate DJ (Divine Judge) of our lives, we realize that God sometimes speaks with a still small voice, and if we want to hear a whisper, we have to be close enough to hear it. Time and seasons teaches us that the greatest frequency to be tuned into is God’s Love. 'Deep Calleth Unto Deep' and the deepest call of all is to LOVE others......for real. The time we spend with God is indicative of how much easier it will be to recognize God’s voice. When you (we) don't spend quality time seeking God’s guidance, it is easy to listen to the wrong voice. Who will we choose to listen to?