Seasons Changing

 While driving past the church the other day Cyrus yells out Mommy! Of course I think something is wrong and he said look the trees are turning colors, they are red and yellow, and I looked over and the hedges had indeed changed colors… Cyrus said mommy why do trees change colors? I said it’s the start of a new season called Fall. The start of this new season provides a wonderful opportunity for renewal it’s often a time to discover which parts of ourselves we would like to embrace and cultivate upon, and which parts of our summer skin we would like to shed. There are signs everywhere that the summer has ended. The leaves on the ground, people have to start wearing shoes again, Stores are filled with Halloween and Thanksgiving and yes now even Christmas stuff are now on the display floor. The breezy wind begins to remind one that fall is here. Starting Sunday, that one hour of daylight is switched from evening to morning as standard time begins.

All these different changes happening is a sure sign that God is in control of all of our seasons Ecclesiastics 3:1-8, 11 says 1There’s a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens: 2 a time for giving birth and a time for dying, a time for planting and a time for uprooting what was planted, 3 a time for killing and a time for healing, a time for tearing down and a time for building up, 4 a time for crying and a time for laughing, a time for mourning and a time for dancing, 5 a time for throwing stones and a time for gathering stones, a time for embracing and a time for avoiding embraces, 6 a time for searching and a time for losing, a time for keeping and a time for throwing away,7 a time for tearing and a time for repairing, a time for keeping silent and a time for speaking,8 a time for loving and a time for hating, a time for war and a time for peace. 11 God has made everything fitting in its time, but has also placed eternity in their hearts, without enabling them to discover what God has done from beginning to end.

Here are a few things God may not tell you:

1. God may not tell you nor I, what time it is in our lives or when a season starts or finishes, there will be natural and spiritual cues all around, God did say everything will be made beautiful in his time. Daniel 2:21-23

2. God may not tell you nor I, when our season will change, God does give wisdom and purpose if we ask, no matter what season we are in at this time. Acts 1:7-8

3. God may not tell you nor I, when God will return, but God gives us power to be an effective witness.

What Does God Want Us To Do:

1. Surrender Control - Psalms 31:15

2. Remain Expectant - Matthew 24:44

3. Continue To Wait On The Lord - Isaiah 40:29-31

4. Don’t Get Weary In Well Doing - Gal 6:7-9 (KJV)

Certain things WE are waiting for will come "IN TIME"

Blessings, Pastor Julie